Top 10 Songs Tag ❤️

rules: List the top ten songs you’ve been listening to lately and then tag 10 people to do the same.

Tagged by @jokerslight!!! I don’t get tagged often so I was super excited and happy when I saw this lolll~ Thank youuu 😭❤️

✨I highly recommend all of these artists!✨

-> Go Away – Yong Junhyung (album on loop tbh) 
-> To My Youth – Bolbbalgan4
-> Island – 10cm
-> Eat – Zion.T
-> Blood – Day6
-> Wi-ing Wi-ing – HYUKOH
-> Your Dog Loves You – Colde ft. Crush
-> TÜKK (툭) – Primary ft. Yang Yoseob (STILL not over this song lol)
-> Bad Boy – Red Velvet
-> Shine – Pentagon (tell me why this song is so catchy…)

I tag these lovely people (if they want to do it lol) <3 -> @amethystteacup, @yangcaffeine, @heyli5hts, @sweet-aqualove, @iliketoothpaste, @mo-travels, +whoever else wants to do it!

Thank you for putting up with my HIGHLIGHT fangirling and excessive use of rants in tags lol. I’d love to see what music everyone is listening to so feel free to @ me if you end up doing it! I l could use new music recs! 

Looking forward to seeing what’s on your playlist 🙂