[10asia INTERVIEW] Eternal Highlight


[10asia=Reporter Son Yeji]


Group Highlight Son Dongwoon (from left), Lee Gikwang, Yang Yoseob, Yoon Doojoon, Yong Junhyung / Photo=Photographer Oh Seho, Location=Studio Haru

They started off as ‘small company-dols’, and along the way, a member left and they lost their name. This is what they went through in the last 8 years. They were scared and anxious. Though it was not easy to overcome that anxiety, with the thought that “the five being together is the most important”, they endured it. They succeeded in extravagantly opening the second act of their lives. It is the reason Highlight have confidence in an eternal highlight. 

10. You’re already going into your 5th month of starting anew as ‘Highlight’. What score would you give the promotions for ‘Plz Don’t Be Sad’ which was technically your debut song?

Son Dongwoon: 100 points. I can’t get full on the first drink, but thank you for giving it a lot of love. I think it was a promotion period that became a stepping stone on the path that Highlight will be going forward on.
Yong Junhyung: 100 points for me too. It was given a lot of love and it was beyond our expectations. It made me feel like we could reach for the next one and the next one using this as our driving force. We started off with a good feeling.
Lee Gikwang: 99 points. I’m giving this score in the hopes that our future promotions do even better. In order to fill up that 1 point for 100 points, we have to do more.
Yoon Doojoon: Then 101 points for me. Out of 100 (all laugh). We received so much from the fans that we are grateful for to the point that we were able to shake off everything we were worried about. More than a score for ourselves, I want to give this score to the fans.
Yang Yoseob: The members’ scores were all high so mine could seem a bit low (laughs), but around 90 points? There were a lot of changes when we went from the name BEAST to the new name Highlight. There were some awkward aspects within that. I thought I could have done a little better, so there’s some disappointment left.

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